The performance challenge cup gets underway with a number of players from the Isle of Man having been selected to represent Fylde over the two weeks of competitions 

We are lucky enough to have individuals playing across various age groups and we would like to thank DQ Advocates for their sponsorship of the players to help with some of the costs involved. 

First up we see the U15  who kicked off their competition on the 26th and we hope to bring updates on their results shortly. 

Individuals will play in 3 x40 minute matches as part of a group stage followed by another 3 x 40 minute matches for placement in the tournament.

Tomorrow sees the turn of the U17s with a similar format so keep an eye out for some information on the players and how they get on over the next week! 

Congratulations again to the players and thank you for all the hard work done by the coaches to help get us to this position. 

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