Hi all,

All clubs at the last MHA board meeting have been asked to remind players/coaches and spectators of the respect campaign and code of conduct. We are getting into the nitty gritty part of the season and people can be fueled up on passion. The MHA have had a few incidents over the last few weeks indoor and outdoors where respect hasn’t been shown. They have had various reports from clubs and IOMHUA both indoors and outdoors of situations which have arisen and should be shut down before it gets out of control. This is both part of the players, umpires and spectators to all play parts in this, it only works if everyone works together. If you do have a question please go through your captains or pick it up in a conversation after the game.

Please can we all remember to behave appropriately when we are participating in our great sport.

Everyone involved in Manx hockey has signed up to a code of conduct, be it at club level or in an official capacity, which sets out the expectations of the sport with regard to behaviour and ethics, so let’s make sure we stick to the overarching guideline – RESPECT. It is a requirement across the board – players, umpires, coaches, spectators, parents and officials alike – and our members are reminded of their responsibilities in this regard.

Please can everyone reacquaint themselves with the attached document before the weekend.

Enjoy your hockey and play safe.

More information is available from England Hockey