Following on from the successes of the training sessions in 22/23 we are pleased to confirm that the Isle of Man Hockey Talent Academy is back!

This year, following nominations made by the Isle of Man Junior Squads’ coaches we have more players than in year 1. Nominations follow observations at the IoM Junior training sessions and long discussions between the coaches (focussed on the players who show potential to be nominated for NWTA observation and assessment in 2024 who also fall into the correct age categories).

The training group may be changed over the coming months to add players who impress over the course of the season. The players who have been selected for England Hockey’s Northwest Talent Academy will stay involved constantly as it is a NWTA requirement that they attend the 6 sessions.

Each session will be led by an England Hockey Talent Academy coach with local coaches assisting and observing so will provide development opportunities for young players and local coaches.

The IoM Talent Academy is a joint England Hockey/Manx Hockey Association initiative and as it was last year it is intended to:

  • Provide extra ‘touch points’ and coaching time for existing EH Talent Academy players
  • Provide an environment where other players who aspire to Talent Academy status can be invited to take part and be considered by the EH coaches delivering the sessions
  • Provide an environment where players who have elected to focus on their studies can receive coaching from EH coaches to help them continue to develop their hockey
  • Provide an environment for local ‘talent development’ coaches to upskill and familiarise themselves with the standards, terminology and delivery methods utilised by the EH coaches, with a view to improving the local coaching offering and driving standards up


  • Sunday 15th October 2023
  • Sunday 12th November 2023
  • Sunday 3th December 2023
  • Sunday 28th January 2024
  • Sunday 25th February 2024*
  • Sunday 17th March 2024*

*The last two dates may be changed depending on the progress of the IoM Junior squads in the England Hockey Championships

All sessions are scheduled to run from 10.30 to 15.30 (on the pitch for 2 hours in the morning, 1 hour lunch and theory break then back onto the pitch for 2 hours). Interested parties, including parents, coaches and players of all ages are welcome to observe the pitch sessions but please do not enter the pitch gate without permission from the session coaches.

Four hours of fairly intense, physical and challenging hockey needs careful management. To make the best use of these sessions the players will need to consider their workload, particularly around club and school commitments in the weeks leading up to the sessions. We would suggest that players should not play more than one game on the day prior to the Talent Academy Sundays.

The England Hockey contracted coaches will be paid by England Hockey for their coaching time. There is a small amount available from the IoM Sport funding assistance for hockey but the players’ parents fund the vast majority of the costs of flights, accommodation, facility hire and any additional costs to purchase new equipment if required and to replace lost or damaged training equipment. Consequently, if any of the Manx Hockey family or the Manx business community is able to provide some sponsorship to assist it would be much appreciated.