Following the split of the North region into North-West and Yorkshire/North-East Areas, England Hockey are holding a survey of everyone in the North of England who is interested in Masters hockey – players, umpires, coaches, organisers – to help us plan our way forward over the coming months and years.

The survey will help inform a particular decision they must take before Christmas, age group by age group, as to whether they enter separate NW and Yorks/NE teams into the 8-Area tournaments in spring 2022, or whether we enter a single combined “North” team.

IF YOU DO NOT COMPLETE THE SURVEY we will not be able to include you in the numbers to help inform this decision, and you may lose the opportunity to represent your Area.

The survey goes well beyond this specific issue and will be vital in helping to plan both competitive and more social Masters hockey, so PLEASE do click on the link to the Google form below and give England Hockey your views:

Responses can be made up to 08:00 am on Monday 13th December.

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