Tonight saw 4/5 of the indoor finals take place at the NSC indoor pitches, with the Men’s Division 1 final taking place last Monday with Vikings B taking the title over Bacchas B.

First up, at 7:45 saw the single sex games taking place side by side and boy were they thrilling! In standard indoor fashion, the best of the best indoor players kept all spectators on the edges of their seats until the final whistle.


The ladies indoor final saw an east vs west encounter with Vikings and Valkyrs showing a truly nail biting and end to end indoor ladies final.

Vikings ladies displayed their experience and skill throughout and saw the blacks leading 2-0 through Kirsty Bowley and Dani Coombes going into the final quarter. But the blues were not going to let them walk away with the win so easily and brought it back up to 2-1 shortly into the final quarter.

A series of cards later (namely a second yellow resulting in the blues being down to 3 men) and a green shortly thereafter gave vikings the advantage to extend the lead even further, only for dynamic duo Imogen Manning and Ellan Cleator to slot a goal home to bring it level to 2-2 in the dying minutes of the final quarter.

The final whistle went and once again for the second year running, Vikings and Valkyrs would face off in a penalty shoot out. The blues young keeper Ava Treutler had the game of her life again and saved 2/3 penalties to help her team bring home the silverware.

Final score: 2-2 (Valkyrs won 2-1 on penalties)

Player of the Match: Ava Treutler (Valkyrs)


The men’s indoor final saw the two Douglas teams face off in a fast and end to end fixture.

Pundits couldn’t call who would come out on top in this fixture which proved exciting for both players and spectators.

The fixture remained 0-0 for longer than anticipated with a stunning penalty stroke save from Vikings Harry Woods and a disallowed goal for Vikings meant it was any teams game.

The fixture was a series of goal after goal with Bacchas scoring and Vikings equalising with the score all level in the dying minutes of the final quarter with Bacchas’ goalkeeper Dom Howard saving the whites bacon on numerous occasions, but namely a stunning save in the final quarter instilled even more confidence in the whites who slotted a late goal to seal the win for Bacchas.

Final score: 5-4 to Bacchas

Player of the Match: Dom Howard (Bacchas)


Vikings and Bacchas were up again in the mixed indoor final. With a plucky young Bacchas side facing a vikings side combined of both speed and experience.

The blacks were quick off the mark to get on the scoreboard and quickly brought the score to 2-0 and went into half time 4-1. Vikings then kicked off the third quarter by slotting two quick goals through Scott Mason who made quick work of Bacchas defence and calmly slotted home more goals to add to the blacks tally.

Bacchas then had a quick break twice and managed to bring the score to 6-3 going into the final quarter. The final quarter saw more end to end play but ended 7-3 in favour of the blacks.

Final score: 7-3 to Vikings

Player of the match: Scott Mason (Vikings)


The second indoor final saw a display of the next generation of Manx hockey and experienced players facing off to take home the division one title.

The game saw Bacchas B leading 3-0 at half time with captain Luca Parlato slotting home goals and GK Rachel Overman keeping the Castletown attack at bay.

The final quarter saw the reds throw everything at the whites by bringing the score to 4-3 with seconds to go. The final whistle saw Bacchas victorious over the southerners to seal off the evenings fixtures.

Final score: 4-3 to Bacchas B

Player of the Match: Jai Patel (Castletown)


We would like to thank everyone involved and the IOMHUA for providing umpires who had the tough job of not only officiating the fixtures but choosing the player of the match for each game.

Also a massive thank you to James Hamlet from the generous sponsors of both the indoor and outdoor leagues, Rossborough Insurance who presented the winners trophies.

Well done to all involved, and wishing you all a Merry Christmas and see you in the new year!

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