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Further to the MHA AGM on the 28th June, there has been a couple of changes to the MHA Board for the Season 2022-2023, we would like to thank all those that have stepped down for their hard work while on the board. 

John Sheath, Jess Birch and Emma Whiting leave the board but we welcome new members, and for the first time in MHA history we have a female Chair in Kim Carney.    

The MHA Board has unfortunately received Jenny Lantry’s resignation as HDO so we will looking to employ a new HDO over the coming months, more details to follow when available.

The list of the MHA Board is as follows, we have set up several emails for roles (listed below), a full list of Positions within the MHA, to include, indoor, island coaches, managers, welfare officers, junior info, etc will be circulated in due course.

President – Tim Glover

Chair – Kim Carney  – email

Vice Chair – Andrew Whiting*

Secretary – Debbie Shimmin – email

Treasurer – Becky Hands – email

Fixtures Secretary – Craig Killey – email

Commercial Director – Tom Wilson* – email

Head of Performance – Lesley Shimmin – email

Events Coordinator – Ellan Cleator* – email

Digital & Social Media – Michael Josem

Lay Member – Maureen Oddie

Lay Member – Sue Taylor

Lay Member – Adele Bridson

Lay Member – Sarah Kinrade

Lay Member – Jamie Brown*

HDO – Jenny Lantry –

*new to the MHA Board this season

Please note that there are still positions within the MHA that need to be filled, we ask that Clubs ask their members if anyone would like to get involved to wither myself or Kim.

Minute Taker

Manx Radio Officer

IOM Press (Newspaper) Officer

Also the IOMHUA are still looking for volunteers to join their Committee so if any of your Club Members would like to get involved please contact Peter Foxton or Hayley Taylor of the IOMHUA.

Many thanks,
Debbie Shimmin
MHA Secretary
Tel: +44 7624 470397

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