Below is some information for the season ahead, we wont bombard you all with too much information at the moment, and hopefully we will have a calendar of events, dates etc in due course which can be shared on FB and website, with the Player Registration System still not up and working we are looking to see what we can do with player registration and teamsheets, so more info on that to follow.

Below are the new Byelaws adopted at the MHA AGM – please ensure that any of your Committee Members / Captains etc have a copy and read them, and queries just let us know.

Team Entries to be submitted to the Secretary as follows:

Mixed Team Entries by 30.07.2022 – Season to start Saturday 10th September 2022

Mens and Ladies by 26.11.2022 – Season to start Saturday 7th January 2023

Indoor Team Entries by 29.08.2022 – Season to start Monday 12th September 2022

If possible please indicate Cup / Plate / Bowl entries at the same time as the team entries.  Once we have the Team Entries the leagues will be decided and communicated to all.  (please note that we will be playing Oct half term),  we will be looking at UK Competitions when during up leagues etc.

Mixed will be played from Sept to Dec with the Cup / Plate / Bowl Finals day on the 3rd December and the Indoor Finals on Saturday 10th December  

Please remember that ONLY enter teams that you can provide umpires for and have enough players (please see byelaws).

When sending me your team entries please indicate the order of the teams if they are named or have Colt teams, also please indicate which team you would like the Mixed U15s Team to the “Buddied with”.

I’m sure Clubs are in the process of organising their AGM’s therefore when you know of you Committee / Captains for this season please could you forward to me and we can update the information on the MHA Website (which hopefully will be going live soon).    Please ensure that you include all positions and peoples email and contact number.

We will be setting up a Whatsapp group for the Teams for results again.  

Junior Information which is dealt with the MHA Junior Committee

Team Entries by September 5th 2022 – we are changing to U10s and U12s leagues and will start on the 18th September 2022

An update on the Island Squads to follow shortly.

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